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Wooden Windows, Doors and More in Halifax 

At Burnside Windows & Doors Ltd., your first stop is our showroom where you will receive one-on-one personalized attention and installation advice without high pressure sales. We offer a wide range of doors and windows in Halifax. Regardless of your product selection, we can tell you all about doors and windows. Halifax area residents can rest assured that your new window or door will look great, function perfectly and meet your local building codes. Best of all, we keep the terminology and technical vocabulary clean and understandable for everyone.


The luxurious wooden windows at our Halifax shop are the statement pieces of custom residential architecture. Elevate homes into distinctive havens with our seamless blend of authentic materials and obsessive engineering. Our spectrum of products is built with precision to match the sophisticated vision of the most creative and exacting architectural designs.


Once your selection is made, we arrange installation of your products using our networking connections with trusted professional craftspeople to see that you get precisely the solution you’re looking for. Proper installation of windows ensures your safety, improved energy efficiency and helps avoid expensive leaks. Our service is supported by an extensive team of experienced support staff, Craftsmen and Consultants as required.


Specializing in Custom Sized Doors and Windows in Halifax

Whether it’s for a renovation or a new construction, custom sizes of doors and windows is one of our specialties! If you need extra-tall or extra-wide windows to unify the architectural design of your home, balance out your elevation or simply because you’d like to let more natural light into your interior space, we can accommodate your needs. We have been helping homeowners beautify their homes with custom sized windows in Halifax for over 21 years.


We offer a complete line of:

  • Vinyl Windows
  • Natural and Cladded Wood Windows
  • Vinyl and Wood Inserts
  • Steel Entrance Systems
  • Architectural Windows
  • Skylights
  • Patio and Terrace Doors


At Burnside Windows & Doors Ltd., we carry the most reliable brands of doors and wooden windows for our Halifax customers. You can trust that they will always receive quality products backed by the best warranties. Among these are items made by:




Energy Star

Windows and doors that are not installed properly may lead to uneven heat distribution and pest infestation in your house. Hire a professional to install them the right way and ease all your worries. For more information on doors and wooden windows in Halifax, click here !

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